Doraemon~ (Xiao Ding Dang) » #H0002(2) Happy and Sad face Doraemon

Item Name:#H0002 (Sold)


Price: $22
In stock: 0 (Sold 2x Sad Faced Doraemon.)
Height: 35cm
Doraemon pulling a long sad face cause you are not hugging him.. Look even more cute when his expression is so sad. =X The bell around his neck make a nice ding ding sound.


  1. hihi,
    am interested in this toy. able to deal $15 and COD. thank you.

    • Hi joy,

      I have sent you an email. Do check it out. Cheers =D

  2. Any possibilities of getting a set and let go at $30? I can’t get enough of these Doraemons, kawaii 😀

  3. Hey! Is there any ways to get this again?

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